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Thread: My Need'em and Trade'em Lists

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    My Need'em and Trade'em Lists

    Finally got around to sorting my cards...will post what i need and what i have, for trade...would prefer equal trades but not a pre-requisite. I will update lists below when needed. Thanks.

    Need'em (Updated May 08, 2022)

    [B]WGSH - 8 42 43 59 60 70 and 2nd checklist

    Plaidstallions - 3 (41 is last card I have)

    Lincoln - (7 is last card I have)

    Tomland - (4 is last card I have)

    Azrakhamway - (6 is last card I have)

    Foreign - I have FF Tarzan, Unltraman, El Hombre only.

    Mego Popy - Need Checklist 1 and 3, and cards MP9 10 11 and 12

    Trade'em (I have more then listed below)

    I have multiples of cards from sets listed above for trades...please let me know what you need in return.

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