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Thread: Boeing's most advanced commercial plane crashed - 188 presumed dead

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    Boeing's most advanced commercial plane crashed - 188 presumed dead

    The plane behind Lion Air's crash off Indonesia was one of Boeing's newest and most advanced jets. It was just two months old and with 800 hours under its belt, so experts are baffled as to what exactly caused the 737 MAX 8 to crash.

    While no information has been released yet as to why the brand-new plane crashed into the sea 13 minutes after takeoff, FlightRadar24 has published data that shows the plane behaving erratically during takeoff. When a plane would normally be ascending in the first few minutes of flight, the Lion Air jet experienced a 726-foot drop over 21 seconds.

    Aviation expert Philip Butterworth-Hayes told CNN that the data was unusual -- especially since takeoffs like this are typically controlled by the plane's automatic systems.
    "This doesn't fit an automatic flight profile," Butterworth-Hayes said while studying the data. "Unless, the aircraft was trying to correct itself at the time for a number of reasons."

    "This shows an unusually unstable vertical flight profile," he added.
    "Exactly at the same time as the speed increased there was an altitude dip, which meant that at that point there was quite some loss of control."
    The plane, which has only been in operation since August 15, was carrying 181 passengers as well as six cabin crew members and two pilots, bound for Pangkal Pinang on the Indonesian island of Bangka.
    A brand new plane on top of that, it sucks as it could have been a fully preventable scenario if there was more safety precautions taken.

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    Pratt and Whitney is gunna have to ask Alcoa where they're getting their raw metals from
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