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Thread: Long John Joker

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    Long John Joker

    This was a long waiting custom and I'm still not sure if I want to paint the hair to match the cartoon. The head, body and clothes are CTVT. The hat I got from Dr Mego casted in purple. The decal I made then had Bobby Horne print and dye cut it for me on vinyl. I had to dremel the hat to fit Jokers big head. I will send an extra to Paul at Dr Mego's so he has a fitted one to fit the joker that does need dremeling. The yellow tie and cuffs... those were a yellow pirates belt from CTVT that I used to make the tie and cut each one down and liquid stitch them from the inside of the trench coat and then rolled it over. I removed the buckles from the wrist of the coat bc they were useless. I don't think the parrot was in the show but after what I spent on him, why the hell not add another $1 to the mix. I call him Crackers.. Lol

    Shopping list in case you want to make your own

    CTVT List:
    1- $10.00 Retro Joker Head
    1- $6.00 8 inch Male Body with White Hands
    1- $8.00 Maroon Trench Coat for 8 inch Male figure
    1- $3.00 Yellow Pirate boots
    1- $4.00 Lime Green Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt
    1- $3.00 Purple Elastic Pants for Male 8 inch figures
    1- $2.50 Yellow Cloth Scarf belt for 8 inch figures (Makes the tie and wrist cuffs)
    1- $3.00 Long Pirate Sword
    1- $2.50 Black Belt with Sword Holster
    1- $1.00 Green Parrot from Pirate figure

    Dr Mego List:
    1- $7 Pirate hat (cast in Purple) Ask him about it

    Bobby Horne Decals:
    1- Custom Joker hat decal
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    Admins, can you remove my post please?
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    I like this Joker.

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    Looks great. Very good match to the source material.

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    I'm just seeing this for the first time, very cool looking, nice clean sharp colors, well done.

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    Really like this! I'd keep the green hair. Love the parrot-excellent touch.

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