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Thread: Stan & Ollie

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    Feb 5, 2012
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    Love Laurel and Hardy going to be a good movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobub View Post
    Itís a shame if no one cares about the classics. Here is one Iíd like to share that isnít as popular as his peers of the age but a brilliant masterpiece. Watch if you have a little time. Harold Lloyd. I watched this stuff on PBS when I was a kid. Sheesh, it was like 50 yrs old then. Now I am and itís almost 100!

    If you watch it on your smartphone. Think about that, the past truly meeting the future.
    A TV channel in Canada always ran Harold Lloyd shorts when I was a kid, so I grew up watching those (along with Chaplin, Keaton, L&H, etc.). "Safety Last" is great, I bought the Blu-ray a few years back and watched it with my kids, they really liked it. But they are used to watching B&W comedies, they love L&H, Three Stooges and the Marx Bros. (except for those boring musical numbers in the latter's films, I never liked those parts either and still don't).

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    Because of "Futurama", anytime Harold Lloyd comes up, I automatically think of "Harold Zoid", Zoidberg's uncle. A silent film star who's career ended with the invention of "Smell-O-Vision".

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