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Thread: List of Fan Made Mego Cards

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    List of Fan Made Mego Cards

    I have been collecting the Mego and Plaid Stallions cards for several years now. I also have the spin-offs (Castaway Heroes, Azraks, Tomlands, Action Jacksons, Lincoln Monsters), the CIPSA Planet of the Apes, and even that Planet of the Apes "baseball card", the one limited to 10 or so.

    However, I have often wondered what exists in terms of the fan made cards. Usually most of these are on thinner card stock. This is what I have:

    STAR TREK 8 card set

    MEGO CIPSA TEX WILLER (2012) TWC checklist and 4 card set

    MEGO CIPSA ZORRO (2012) 2 card set

    MEGO CIPSA FLASH GORDON (2012) FGC checklist and 8 card set

    DOCTOR WHO No dates on back

    1 The Fourth Doctor with hat

    1 The Fourth Doctor with no hat

    2 Sontaran- Styre

    3 The Master holding doll

    3 The Master no doll, and standing slightly differently

    4 Cyberman

    5 Leela

    6 Sutekh

    7 Scaroth

    8 Morbius

    9 The First Doctor

    10 The Eleventh Doctor

    11 Dalek

    TPS1 to 4, 4 cards that form a puzzle picture of the 4th Doctor in his Tardis

    I am told that card 2 has a variant with the name spelled differently, but I do not have that one

    SPACE 1999 25 card set.


    RETURN TO THE PLANET OF THE APES (2015) 2 card set, RPA1 and 2

    MEGO POPPY (2012) MP1 to MP13 and checklists MPC1 to 3

    FLASH GORDON (2013) 2 card set, unnumbered

    CUSTOMS CORNER No date, shows DC Superheroes, cards 1 to 35

    RETRO ACTION DC SUPERHEROES No dates, cards 0 to 20 and checklist

    THE MUNSTERS (1960s TV show) 5 card set


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    Except for the Poppy, Cipsa and Return to the Planet of the Apes all those others were made by me.

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