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Thread: TRU back from the dead as Geoffrey's Toy Box

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    Question TRU back from the dead as Geoffrey's Toy Box


    the Geoffrey's Toy Box reps who were at the Dallas show were telling folks their plan is to open consumer locations under the Toy Box name by November of this year. These will be done as a “shop-within-a-shop” concept where at least initially they will partner with prominent midwest retailers. In other words they will be opening for the holidays mini-locations within larger retail stores that might not normally sell much in the way of toys.
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    I was hoping that Toys R us would be able to salvage themselves and keep some stores open when they went into bankruptcy, but after closing all the stores selling off everything and putting all those employees out of work only to turn around an few months later and say the want to re open I'm afraid they lost whatever good will they had left.

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    Yep I have to agree with you there

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