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^Not meant as a trick. I was trying to show how, like Jet Jungle, all he needs is a hair color change. I couldn't find an CTVT Blonde Wayne. I'm not even sure they made one.

I was pulling up Dan Cooper pics and he has a helmet with the same visor shape, but none are yellow. Looking at the pics, it hit me as odd that Lion Rock had all these military pieces that could have been applied to create a really sharp Buck or Cooper figure. But then Lion Rock has an entire contingent of knockoffs.

So now I'm tending to believe this was meant to be a knockoff for french-belgium market. Where some company bought Mego parts from HK, paid for some low-end sewing and mashed Buck/Cooper elements into "Fighter Pilot". Something happened to the company where they didn't pay, and Mego got left with this unclaimed, unfinished mess.

The timing is right. Buck/Cooper was on a role in the late 70's when these parts were in production. Mego goes under in early 80's, so the HK warehouses have to be liquidated, where these were sitting for years.
Yeah that's cool. I'm not real Keen with the mystery man dude. But I've learned a lot on this thread I'll tell you. And I'm still going to get one before Christmas