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Thread: It's Alive! Frankenstein at 200 exhibit

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    It's Alive! Frankenstein at 200 exhibit

    For anyone in the NYC area, there is a new exhibit opening at the Morgan Library and Museum on Oct 12 and running through January 27, 2019 celebrating the 200th anniversary of Shelly's Frankenstein being published.

    Details here:

    There's an annotated copy of the novel to explore online from the museum here:

    There's also programs exploring Frankenstein in other mediums (especially film) running over the course of the exhibits run, and there is a calendar of events at the first website I linked.

    There was a little piece about it on the CBS Sunday Morning calendar this morning that made me aware of it, and I know there are a lot of fans of Frankie here, though not sure how many are fans of the original novel as opposed tot he films.


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    Toronto's public libraries also have Frankenstein 200 programming running at different locations throughout the month. I plan to check a few things out. I read the original novel in college (for a history class no less!) but think it might be time for a reread. It's great.

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