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Thread: Custom Cast AHI CFTBL

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    Custom Cast AHI CFTBL

    I don't know if it was ever completed but at one point someone was talking about molding and casting a complete AHI Creech. Seems like an easy enough project. Anyone know if they ever did it? Is it for sale?

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    I feel like Iíve asked about this many years ago and the general consensus back then was that no one wanted to essentially destroy one to make the molds.

    Iíve had a morsel in the back of my mind for a while now of customizing my own using a reissued aurora kit and making them available.

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    Idk...seems like that was what sideshow gave us.

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    i have the old Burger King Creech. I wonder if we can double the size from 4" to 8". Make it as one solid piece...

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