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Thread: The movie Venom is not what the trailers depict

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedji View Post
    With all apologies to his fans, I can't help but associate Venom with the low point in 90s comics. Exaggerated anatomy, sketchy lifework, variant covers. It was the end of comics for me.
    Yep, me too. I remember reading a few comics with Venom but it was right around this point that I gave up on modern superhero comics due to all the crap that was happening in the early-mid 90's.

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    It was entertaining enough, but nothing spectacular.
    I liked Hardy's fraught, manic portrayal of Eddie after he merges with Venom.
    The symbiote FX were the highlight.

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    I think people who aren't familiar with venom who saw the movie was pleased with tom hardy's performance, there was a part of it that was dumb I thought but overall I liked it better then I thought.the after credit scene was good and wow! that spider verse looks pretty darn good.i did think with the trailers they were going for a horror vibe.

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    I loved the a standalone, for pure entertainment. I am always figetting through a movie,but that one held my attention for the whole 2h 20min

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    I heard it was along the lines of old Sam Raimi Horror movies. It has a PG-13 rating aimed for families.
    I said the same thing to my son when we saw it yesterday. It has that gonzo Raimi vibe with humor mixed in with horror. The horror isn't dwelled upon, due to the rating, but it is there. I couldn't help but feel a kinship to An American Werewolf in London with Eddie talking to the symbiote much as David did to Jack in that film, and then of course the monstrous metamorphosis, biting off heads, etc. Of course its mixed in with sci-fi action and a few Marvel nods along the way.

    I took the boy on his birthday yesterday, and we both really enjoyed it. I was quite shocked by that!


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