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Thread: Mego 14" Batgirl

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    beautiful job, it's amazing how a light touch improves that figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    ^It may be that factory finish isn't flat enough. Maybe try swabbing the area to be painted with rubbing alcohol to denude a bit?
    This is a *very good* suggestion for the base.

    When I'm achieving highly detailed thin lines, I mix up acrylics with a bit of water, and 2 very thin paintbrushes: One for the black paint, and one for the background color (so for eyelashes, let's say the color of that figure's skin). I put down the black paint first, hairdryer it,then lign up the background colour in a thin line on one or both sides of the black paint. Between shots of heat for a quick dry, I can get a clean black line that's quite detailed. I do the same thing with eyes: Black down first, then the iris color next. Black contoured circle, then the white highlighted around that eye color last. It can help to practice on something separate.
    The last step is I photograph my work,: Re: eyes: I turn the photograph upside down to check if it looks symmetrical. It helps my brain less accomodate the assymetry, and fix the small details to check if something just somehow doesn't look right, so to more easily correct it.

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    Wow, that really makes the head look great!

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    Perfect! I always thought all this figure needed was eyelashes to really bring her to life. Nicely done.

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