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Thread: Mego Corp Exclusive Video and a taste of Wave 3

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    Looks really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary Canary View Post
    When you click reply, there's a row of options above where you type.
    Like font size, bold, italic, etc.
    At the end,just before the film strip, there's a square with a tree in it, looks like a picture. That's the "insert image" button I use.
    I see it now. Never looked at the tiny little picture to see it is a tree. I just kind of ignore all those icons. I like the way I do it better. But, some pictures I post are way bigger than I want them.

    And now back to the Gene sculpt. It's really great!

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    I can honestly say I will never be buying any of the 14" figures. But I must also say they look fantastic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LonnieFisher View Post
    ...Is that why most people post small pictures?
    Yeah, that's the reason. Sometimes I can get the pictures to work larger, sometimes I can't. I don't think it's a problem with the software. I think it's a problem with my memory -Haha! Sometimes I screw around with it and eventually figure it out, sometimes I never do figure it out and just leave the pictures as thumbnails.
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