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Thread: I think this is the best silicone for most molds

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    I think this is the best silicone for most molds

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    Huh. I was going to order some at one point and was told it needed to be degassed. I've been using Mold Star 20T, and I like it, but this looks like it may be more flexible. I'll have to try it.
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    I used to use it before the new "no vacuum needed" style. I liked it and then the price went way up, and my hands got too bad to customize anymore. But, I think it's great because it's so stretchy that the castings don't destroy it. The molds last a lot longer.

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    You don't find it rips easily being a 10? I've always used moldmax30 but it's hell getting pieces out sometimes.

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    It stretches more being 10 than 30 does. So it doesn't rip as easily.

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