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Thread: Is This Legit?

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    Is This Legit?

    So, I haven't bought anything off ebay in a couple years. A couple weeks ago, I put in a bid for a DVD set for my son for Christmas. I tried to PayPal and got an error message and a message that the seller was unavailable until October 1. Fine.

    But today I get this:

    Dear customer,
    Good day.
    Currently we have some issues with PayPal so that no connection with it. We’re not accepting payment through PayPal (eBay).
    If you can pay by credit/ debit card through Square Merchant service, we can send you a link to complete the payment. We also accept money orders or checks. Please message us which method. (We're using Square merchant service which is safe to accept offline debit/credit cards on their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet computer. You can check Wikipedia regarding to square ,Inc. for more details. )
    Or if you’re not comfortable to pay payment outside PayPal, please let us know so that we can arrange your cancellation. We need your authorization to send the cancel request. If we don’t hear from you, the unpaid case will be opened in 3 days later. Unpaid case is no harm for you, we just need to close the transaction.
    Your business is much appreciated and please let me know if you have any question. Thank you.

    This typical now on eBay? Or should I just skip it? Seller has over 10K in feedback, over 99% positive . . .

    Thanks for the input.

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    Are they trying to get around the ebay fees? Totally negates the paypal fee if you pay another way.

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    Square Merchant Services is definitely legit. Sounds like they got into a dispute with paypal and have been shut down maybe.

    I'd say with the feedback he has, it's probably legit. I guess it just depends on the amount of the purchase whether you should risk it or not.

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    I would cancel and look elsewhere for your item, it seems your going to be inconvenienced using another option
    besides pay pal, and plus how confident will you be using another service your not fimilar with, or sending a check
    or money order. I can't tell you what to do, just give some friendly advice, I personally would politely cancel the
    transaction no harm done and search again. You could also ask them to send you a message thru ebay, letting
    you know when the pay pal issue is resolved.

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    I gave Paypal the heave and now use Square. I have a Square account for my music festival and it is night and day better than Paypal. They automatically deposit the funds into your account every day. Customer service is prompt and they know their stuff. Paypal is just an absolute nightmare lately. My main account got locked out after some people disputed some charges to my festival last year and Paypal didn't give me the chance to contact them and get it straightened out. This year I set up an official business for the festival and a new Paypal account for it and they ended up locking that account because some #$%hole had buyers remorse on a computer I was selling and instead of just telling me that and asking for a refund, they disputed the charge on their card and filed a claim with Paypal. Paypal then filed the account under fraud for NOT shipping the computer and locked that account out with money in the balance that I didn't have the chance to transfer. I switched over to Square and it's been smooth sailing. Paypal lost a lot of income from credit card purchases from the festival this year. Not that my little bit is going to hurt them but good riddance on my end.

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    I thought paypal was still required to sell on ebay. Guess not. I use it for selling on ebay and have had ZERO problems with it.
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    That's weird

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