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Thread: New to Restringing...elastic cord questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediJaida View Post
    All I'm looking to do is tighten up the elastic from the neck post down to the pelvis. Some of my female figures are very loose in that area, but the elastic is very old. Not rotting away, but a little too stretched out.
    Might be better off with "O" rings with the female figures. Being that the original Mego female figures didn't use elastic string like the male figures did. I have yet to try to re-string/elastic a female figure. I think there is a You Tube video by toypolloi(Sp?) on the similarities between re-stringing a GI Joe/Action Man and a female Mego figure. Might want to look up that video on You Tube. Hope that helps.
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    If you want better grade and longer lasting than conventional commercial elastic cord, go with shock cord, what they use in tent poles. They make them in thin sizes. Been using for close to 15 years and held up well. Still tight.

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    Thanks for the heads up I'll have to try that someday shock cord? I never even heard of it.

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    I managed to purchase some off of eBay a long time ago. It was a good price and as you can see this has lasted me over 15 years. But then I haven't done much restringing for a while.

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