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Thread: Wave 2 Report

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    Feb 14, 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by cockyhoskins View Post
    Yeah, maybe a little too melodramatic on my part! LOL. They are just toys after all!

    I am still glad they're back. I just dread walking in to another Target store! LOL And I do understand the deal with Target made this possible, but I will be very happy when it's over.
    I hear you-you're just a little frustrated that's all. Sounds like you're not alone.

    I guess what bugs me isn't that I'm paying reseller prices, rather that I'm paying a reseller. And as someone pointed out 91 Franks have been sold on Epay, that's .0091 of the total production. Where are all the rest of the Franks, or Draculas, or Gorns for that matter. They can't all be in the hands of resellers, can they?

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    I found some interesting data while shopping at the local Target on Wednesday night; a young and very helpful employee and I discovered that the shelf tags for the 14" figures either say "Batman" or "Superman," and as I went in the store specifically to find Wave 2 Superman (none here by the way in 9 stores I've visited..bummer), the employee found when scanning the 14" figures that several come up either "Batman" or "Superman" even though he was scanning Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, etc. This explains the discrepancy of what a store actually has vs. what the computer shows the store to stock. For instance, the employee's hand-held device showed a stock of 7 14" Superman figures in the store; four on the floor and three in the back; however, when he checked the floor with me and checked the back, he found the discrepancy listed above....

    Evidently other figures fall into this snafu as well... So unless you call a store and actually ask an employee to physically look on the shelf or check in the back to see if "x" is in stock, their hand-held PDA could very well have incorrect data.

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    Feb 10, 2009
    ^Thank you

    I was just about to ask if it was worth calling the stores or not. I have an outer ring of three 20+ minutes from me and each other, but I don't have the time to hit them.

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    Jul 3, 2012
    To further add to that...Six or the 10 stores in my area are under the new Winter Remodel.
    I went to look for Mego's in the closest store near me ( within 5 miles) and there were no Mego to be found int he Action Figure Aisle.
    I then went to electronics, to the collectilbe section, nothing their either.
    I found an employee stocking toys, and asked her to check where they might be. She pulled up her PDA, and they said they had none in store.
    I pulled up the Target app on my iPhone, and the same thing occured, searching the store I was standing in, by searching for "mego" or "mego gorn".

    I showed her this week's ad, ( page 6 in the digital ad) and she said "Oh, I remember moving these, they weren't on the new layout plans",
    and she took me to where they are located now, at the end of the Party Games row, top of the new shelving!


    Needless to say, it looks like the hunt for Megos at Target has gotten more complicated!! lol
    Still no Gorn though.......
    and all the 14" Shelf tags say "Mego Superman 14" 19.99"
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