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Thread: Wave 2 Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by comicmike View Post
    Great for you (and I'm happy for you)! This Canada Post strike has been such a challenging thing!
    Don't get me started on the Canada Post strike. I've had other issues...
    But the Megos I actually had sent to a friend in the US and my bf picked up for me when he was visiting Buffalo over the weekend.
    Superman and Spock are both great figures.
    I also have a Flash I ordered somewhere in the mail.
    That's a whole other crazy Target story.
    I feel fortunate I've been able to get all of the wave 1 and 2 figures I wanted.
    Now I have a few from wave 3 I have to figure out how to track down.

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    Well I was able to pick up a Richie Cunningham for $12.99 in a store today!
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