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Thread: N64 Classic Edition On the Way?

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    Jul 22, 2015

    N64 Classic Edition On the Way?

    N64 Classic Edition Seems A Certainty After Nintendo Trademark Approved

    A new Nintendo trademark could be the biggest indication yet that an N64 Classic is on the way. Nostalgic gaming is all the rage at the moment and the long-held rumors of Nintendo reimagining the N64 finally seem to be turning into something.

    I never owned a Nintendo 64, but I did play some games on it here and there. Always thought it was a good gaming system.

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    N64 mini would actually be pretty awesome. Hopefully Nintendo would make sure it runs decent. I still don't get "great" 64 emulation on my pc and the raspberry pi 3 plays most games even worse. One game they NEED to include is Perfect Dark, but I would like Goldeneye, as well (not sure how much of a issue rights would be at this point).

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