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Thread: Question about repairing Micronauts Andromeda

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    Question about repairing Micronauts Andromeda

    A couple years back I picked up a solid looking Andromeda in a beat up box at an antique mall, only to discover when I went to display it that all the magnets inside the body were missing, so I cannot assemble the horse properly as none of the magnetic limbs will "cling" to the body. I want to open up the body and replace the magnets, but I have never done something like that before. So I want to ask the experts a couple of questions here before I start the endeavor...

    1) is there a particular type/size magnet available that works or will I need to get one about the right size and jury-rig it to fit?

    2) Does anyone know of any online videos where someone takes apart an Andromeda and if not, what't the best way to go about taking the body apart?

    Having never done this, and having a tendency to be ham-fisted at times and breaking things, I am a little leary of undertaking this unless I have a solid gameplan in my head of how to go about it.


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    The magnets are the old school cupboard style with the bulky magnet and two steel bars. I don't think you would be able to just find parts that would work. You would need them machined. Get a cheap body and takes it's magnets...

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