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Thread: Sectaurs Documentary

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    Feb 10, 2009
    OK. It's good. Toys That Made Us is heavily influencing decisions. From a production view, that was pretty unfocused.

    As for the toys, I had all the deluxe. I don't remember them being 25 a pop, but I think they were bday presents. Inever saw the Hyve until now. That would have been the ultimate all-purpose playset, be it MOTU, Joe, Super Powers, Secret Wars etc...I would've got that.

    That second wave is interesting. Bandar is like a perfect blend of Superjoe Gor and a Gorn.

    I'm surprised they don't state why the line failed. I saw it directly at the time; they creeped people out. I mean, the idea sprung from a Halloween gag, so the root is in being ugly and creepy. What they needed to do is really distinguish between insects by appeal. For the good, butterflies, bees and ladybugs have a pleasing aesthetic while praying mantis and grasshoppers are sleek. Everything else is nightmarish so they're evil.

    Just look at Toho's history. They've made Battra and Megaguirus. Gamera has Legion. None of them are as memorable as Mothra due to the color patterns.

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    Yeah I think these came out when I was 14, they were neat, almost Mego sized. I imagine their scale was a barrier to entry for children immersed in other scales.

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    Thank you for posting this. That was great. I wish they'd reissue the original line. Other than adding maybe elbow articulation the toys hold up just fine as is and wouldn't look out of place on modern toy shelves. The line was a bit ahead of its time and kids reportedly had trouble telling which figures were supposed to be th heroes from the villains do to their insectoid nature. I really don't see that as an issue anymore.
    You are a bold and courageous person, afraid of nothing. High on a hill top near your home, there stands a dilapidated old mansion. Some say the place is haunted, but you don't believe in such myths. One dark and stormy night, a light appears in the topmost window in the tower of the old house. You decide to investigate... and you never return...

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    I am very happy that I was able to see this documentary.

    Since they were only one wave, I had little memory of them until now.

    I had the Hyve. I have no memory of the finger puppet. The spider hand puppet is what I always clearly remembered. (and the Hyve as a whole)

    I don't think that I had any other of the puppets. I had at least one action figure, probably the main character. Their accessories were some of the best things about the toys.

    I suppose other toys in 1986 had my full attention because my Hyve vanished and I didn't notice. I quickly forgot about the Sectaurs for a time, so I don't know the exact year of it's disappearance. I still can't figure it out, extra-terrestrials might have been involved.

    I guess the Star Trek movie of 1986 had distracted me, then pretty much went all in for Star Trek TOS and films, then TNG began a year later and sent me in a different direction.

    What an injustice that the 2nd Wave of Sectaurs was never released, those look really good.

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    I think this line is terrific. Quite the bargain, too, since collector prices are very reasonable.

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