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Thread: KISS figures

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    KISS figures

    I remember my younger brother had the Mego 12" KISS figures and I've been thinking that I would like to buy a set of the 8" figures that FTC put out.
    Any recommendations on which wave is the best as far as costumes and head sculpts?
    What's your favorite?

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    Well, the wave 1 Love Gun costumes are the 8" versions of the figures Mego made in the 70's, so those are pretty good. Things to look out for are the bodies on those are pretty loose and the hair is sometimes wonky.

    I like wave 2 which is the set with the same heads as wave 1 but with first album makeup and costumes. They're my favorite because I like that early 70's look for Kiss. The bodies are still a bit loose, hair was better tho.

    Second favorite is Alive! which is wave 6 I think, but they're hard to find. They have new head sculpts that are pretty good. Paul in particular is really strong, Gene's is kind of weird looking. The costumes are great and in my opinion, these are the apex of FTC's Kiss figures.
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    Well the best set for head sculpts is sold out which was the Alive figures. I would say Dynasty is the coolest one at the moment. That or Destroyer.

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    Series 1 Love Gun are great and so are the Alive set and Dynasty. Destroyer are ok if you change Peter and Paul's heads with the Alive versions

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    I really enjoy my Dynasty Ace...


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    Both Dynasty and Destroyer are great! The bodies on my Destroyer figures are the tightest that FTC has released....

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    Is that all originals ftc, besides guitar ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mego maniac mark View Post
    Is that all originals ftc, besides guitar ?
    Yep! That's the 12 inch FTC Ace and the guitar is from the miniature guitar series made by Pick Ups back in the early 00's. You can get them off Ebay for a pretty descent price. And Pick up made it as Ace Frehley's guitar. So when you search use the Pick up name along with Ace's.

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