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Thread: Wave 2 spotted already

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    If Target thinks they can get 14.99 for these they wouldn't lower the price to 12.99.
    There may have been a plan to release wave 2 but Target is trying to sell these, and nothing is selling where I have checked.The Mattel DC retros were 14.99 at Toy r us
    and I bought most of them for 5 dollars each at Marshalls and TJ Maxx

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    They're selling pretty well at the Target in Greenland, NH...when I first saw the end cap it was full and now it's half empty! It's clearly been picked over, but there's still a good assortment of figures. 😀

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    Has there been any hints if Mego has any plans to do a remake of "Dinah Mite" (in the same vain as the new Action Jackson)?

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