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Thread: Unpunched Carded Superman

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    I have a boring story/background info about this figure. It was purchased at this auction in Maryland on Labor Day:

    I was very excited when I saw this listing, and drove down there to see this stuff and possibly bid on it, but I lasted about a half hour before I left because it was so hot and the stuff that I did see sold for way, way too high. (Like, old comic spinner rack with four sides sold for $375 plus a 15% buyers premium.) There were enough people there hovering over the comics and the Megos that I figured there weren't going to be any super bargains.

    I was curious if these would turn up on eBay, and this one turned up a few days ago, originally listed by the seller at $650 BIN, but it looks like the seller changed their mind and relisted. If you look through the other auctions, they have the Batman and Robin carded figures with the corners cut off for the low price of $899.99 and some of the loose figures that were there.

    (As an aside: I was mostly interested in bidding on the Superman #53, but the auctioneer wouldn't even let people look inside it for damage, and that also really turned me off for staying and bidding. It turns out there's a coupon cut out and a major tear/possible bug damage on the inside. I would have hit the roof if I would have bid on that and found that kind of problem after the fact. That comic is also in this seller's auctions and he originally had it listed at like $1100 BIN.)

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    Sounds like this buyer may be losing some money on what he bought that day.

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    Odd how they wouldn't let people inspect the book. Good thing you didn't win because as you know a cut out coupon is a major defect and most will not grade it, if you went that route..

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    I have a question for you palitoy you probably know the answer. Why is it all the later issued figures always have broken Limbs and always crooked inside their blister?

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