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Thread: 8in Superstore down for restocking?

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    Please contact ME not this board

    David Lee here...
    I apologize that I don't typically get on these boards anymore, so I missed all of this. However in the future you can reach me on the 8 inch SuperStore FB page, Messenger or the Contact US link on the website itself (my personal e-mail is Jason (White Elephant Toys) and I changed up our fulfillment once we re-opened the two stores and it's had some hiccups, but we are working it out. Please in the future use the other options to contact me if there is a problem with your order. While posting here might seem helpful it is really not, coming directly to me is your best bet.


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    David responded to my FB Messenger inquiry. He is on top of this, he was not aware of the placed orders until now. I'll leave it to him to explain what happened in his own words rather than share our private correspondence after he sorts things out.

    As for the post immediately above, I've ordered from White Elephant toys (KC's Galloping Gals) without any issues and product shipped right away. I'm unaware of any other suppliers of the Type S product. You should be able to order through Jason and his wife with confidence.
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    Question for the Museum members who placed a November order, was anything communicated to you yet like a guesstimated ETA or have your orders already been fulfilled?

    Unfortunately, I had to open a ~$40 Paypal claim as my order hasn't been received. I wish I didn't have to, I'd not heard back from David when I asked on December 22nd via FB Messenger if he'd been able to send my 8inchsuperstore order number. My wife is the family banker and she'd been constantly asking me whether or not things we ordered arrived so we decided this was our only course of action when communication ceased. If White Elephant is supposed to fulfill some of these orders it'd be nice to know what exactly is going on as I am patient and can continue to be patient.

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    I placed a December order I'm still waiting on. I don't know what the holdup is, and I've heard Jason is handling both stores. The lack of communication is really upsetting.

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    that sucks I really wanted to order some stuff too. Guess I will pass.
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    I just had a second order thru White Elephant for another ten bodies - had them in my hand in less than a week.

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