I think retailers have all but given up trying to compete with online sales. If a Target store doesn't have Megos, for example, and you ask about them what are they going to tell you? Order them online! I don't feel good about the future of toys because despite collector-oriented lines that are out there the future of toys still depends on little Bobby or little Marcy urging their parents to buy them the toys they want and the kids don't want toys, they want their devices. If there was money in toys, there would be stuff on the pegs. For over 20 years if I went to any kind of retail store that sold toys, that would be the first place I'm heading as soon as I hit the door. Now I might eventually get there if I have the time or I may not even bother. And they pretty much have nothing I have interest in even if I get there. People like me get misty eyed thinking of our old Megos, our vintage Star Wars figures, etc while the adults of tomorrow will get misty eyed thinking of their now defunct devices they played with. Sad.