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Thread: Announced Figures (Restarted August 30, 2018)

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    There is absolutely nothing in mego format coming out nearly as exciting as those 12 DC heroes. Those are truly a dream come true for me. Their 12 figures are solid and th se will be amazing! Hopefully out for Christmas!

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    Excellent list of items, can't wait to see how these look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRDouble View Post
    I am looking forward to the new Penguin and Riddler! They should look good along side the purple dress Catwoman and Batman. Just waiting on The Joker and please please pleas get Batman right this time!
    I'd love to get a Batman figure that is similar in style to their "Neal Adams" Batman, but using the deep blue color of the "Batman 66" figure. If I was any better at painting etc., I would have kit-bashed my own by now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snake_Man View Post
    Figures Toy Company (via their Facebook Feed) just announced an 8" Creeper (with front and back photos of same) for release in early 2019! Very Cool!
    SO STOKED about this one. As soon as he goes up for pre-order, I'm snagging him. LOVE the Creeper!

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    Hey Gang, I just received two henchwoman from Penguin and Joker crew. I really like the new heads being used and the bodies are pretty cool too.

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    Today we got our first look at Black Canary. I'll have to say I really like it! I can see her with the Green Lantern and Green Arrow figures as Hard Traveling Heroes.
    (For those too young to remember, look it up. It was a thing.)

    My only disappointment was that they didn't do actual fishnets over tights. It would be cool to have them for other characters like Zatana and Poison Ivy. But the overall effect with what they did is very cool looking! I even think the O face is appropriate on this figure.



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    ^ The O face is my only real gripe. Because much like biker shorts, that face doesn't look good on anyone.

    But they did a bang up job with the costume. I'm undecided if I can live with the face though. I'll still get her, but I may have to do some rearranging if I find it bothersome in person.

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    Not sure how I feel about the face either. That can be replaced, although the replacement might not have all the crazy hair.

    Still, happy to have her.

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    I am so happy FTC is making this figure. I wonder if Huntress can be made too.

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    I like her. Is that the new WW / S Swan face? I cant quite tell.

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    Canary looks really good. Is there a release date for her?

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