So I bought this old '70s 12" WW Mego doll on ebay. The hair was a mess. It was stiff. It was straight. It had frizzy ends. It was tangled! I did a search on google, and I found some helpful tips, that really work for doll hair: Fabric softner and boiling water. I'm sure probably some of you have heard about these tips, but this was my first time trying these methods, so maybe someone else doesn't know about them
First, I soaked her hair in fabric softner for a couple hours. This helped me loosen up her tangles gently with my fingers first, then I could start using a wide-tooth comb through it (working from the bottom first). I couldn't get the frizzy ends completely out but now her hair was detangled, and soft and silky. However, it was still straight. Next step was curlers and boiling water treatment. Now her hair looks fuller, curly and bouncy. She may not be perfect, but it's a hecka of a lot better than when I first got her! My point is to encourage other members who have action figures with hair problems to try these methods. They really do work! You just have to have a lot of patience, take your time, and be gentle, and you will be rewarded.

Here's the before and after pics:
s-l1600 (9).jpgIMG_20180830_043316.jpgIMG_20180830_044303.jpg

Here's some links that I found useful: