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Thread: What do you want to get?

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    What do you want to get?

    Ok with what is known this is what I want, with the Outsiders being on the top of the list. I only plan on getting 8 inch, and maybe a 12 inch Superman. Looking at it I suddenly realize it is over a thousand for just these toys!

    - Swamp Thing,
    - Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, Steve Trevor
    - Batman and the Outsiders (New Sculpt Batman, Metamorpho, Halo, Looker, Geo Force, Katana, and Black Lightning)
    - Birdman and Galaxy Trio
    - Black Canary and Zatanna
    - Penguin and Riddler (New Sculpts)
    - Atom
    - Worlds Greatest Presidents (Mentioned were: Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt,
    - Hawkman, Giganta
    - Darkseid, DeSaad, Kalibak
    - New figures for Joker, Robin the Teen Wonder
    - Royal Flush Gang (Joker, Ace, 10, King, Queen) (No mention of Jack)
    - Hawkwoman
    - Harlequin
    - Bumblebee
    - Man-Bat
    - Creeper

    But of course what I really want is JSA and adult Titans. Obscure want is Charlatan Heroes, but much like infinity inc, I doubt Ill ever see. No use past the 80s except modern JSA legacy heroes.

    Now on the Mego Rebirth just about all TV properties are musts.

    do you want and is there just too much out for your wallet limiting your purchases?

    God knows if Marvel was FTC how broke Id end up in just Spider-Man merch...
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    Bane, Lyndon Johnson(to hand out with Batman 66) Lincoln, I need to see Swamp Thing and Metamorpho first.
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