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Thread: FTC question

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    Ape FTC question

    Thinking about collecting a few FTC figures.

    Any starting point on what figures to collect and what years ?

    What is popular?

    I've always done MEGO, but find FTC interesting.

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    i bought a lot of FTC figures ,they are interesting . i would suggest you start with what you like .with DC there are many starting points ,do you want boxed figures ? classic mego style -? Kresge carded -? or just
    basice assortment -? then there are lines of specific characters within the DC line as a whole .
    do you like bats 66-?
    hanna barbara-?

    it goes on like this ,but i bought a lot of figures from all lines (exept kiss,only once) they are fun and intriguing .not as $ cheap as the mego 2018 ,but they are cool ,i bought a ccouple DC displays with
    boxed figures ( also added in my Emce marvels ) and they look great .best advice from a long time buyer of these ,buy what you like its the best way to go ,my problem is i like so much .i skip
    some variants cause its almost the same thing .when i dont ,its cause i like it .have fun with both FTC and Mego corp .i also bought and had fun getting Bif bang pows figures too .

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    Batman 66 is by far the best line they have produced. Some of the other Batman stuff is nice, too, Harley, Ra's, Scarecrow. Jonny Quest was well done.
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    I think FTC's premiere line is Batman '66, Superfriends, and really any line from Hanna Barera. You can also buy an enormous selection of heroes in the DC line up, but remember to look in the retro packaging line because many of them are offered in boxes, Kresge card, or on the more traditional Mego style card. So lots to choose from.

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    I got my set of The Monkees in their tuxedos last night. Only had time to open Micky so far but so far so good. The clothes are well made. He feels a little lighter than the new megos but sturdy. No problem standing him up which I've read has been a problem for some. I like the sculpt on him, Mike, and Davy. My only real complaint is Peter looks a little off to me. Not sure if it's the hair or he doesn't have an expression on his face. After I get a chance to open the rest and they are as good as Micky I'll definitely be buying more FTC, probably the hanna barbara characters.

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    the batman 66 line is the best from ftc that's probably a good start.

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