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Thread: How are sales at your Targets?

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    Sep 12, 2007
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    I stop by Target today and as I was looking at the display a 4-year-old ran up and yelled "Batman!" and pointed at the box and looked to his parents who were right behind him. I wandered off to give them some room, so I'm not sure if they bought it or not, but it was fun to hear.

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    Wonder woman, & Batman seem to be selling really well now( in my area) and Harley is next.Zod is not doing as well but he is not as popular as Reverse Flash or Joker
    These DC 14 '' might be the way to go for New Mego because for 20 bucks you get a better
    figure than the DC Direct 13'' figures that cost me 80.00 ea . I found Green Lantern
    and Poison Ivy, both very nice figures

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    May 15, 2009
    I'll post a pic later, as I took one at Target last night that was particularly telling, but many of my fears are coming true in my neck of the woods. Rows of Wave 1 figures that aren't selling, which means Wave 2 will never show up. Really hope Wave 2 shows up online in good quantity as Wave 1 did.
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