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I met her just a few months ago, and yes, she was struggling. She looked so tired.
Sometimes, you could see that she forgot things, halfway through the autograph.
I was glad to finally meet her, true, but I kept thinking "maybe we should just leave her alone and let her get some rest".
I don't know if it's her manager who keeps pushing her to do more signings, or if she still wants to do them herself. But it's been enough...
I saw Jimmy Doohan at his farewell convention. He "in my opinion" should not have been there due to health reasons but, He said to everyone. He wanted to be there because he loves his fans so much. He was very weak, in a wheelchair and missing words but, I can say honestly, he did love his fans and was a great man. I'm sure Nichelle has similar feelings. You have to admit. It would be very humbling to have so many people love you so much due to a TV show. They won the TV lottery and they know it. God Bless them all.