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Thread: Close Call With Disaster!!

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    Close Call With Disaster!!

    Working on an Elvira custom. Had a cool idea I will show more later. At least I hadn't seen it done before. Anyways...part of the idea involves doing major damage to a Mego female head. So I look in my magic parts box and see a vintage Dinah Mite head in really nice condition and a repro Supergirl. Awesome. Her eyes will be great for this. As I am about to go Insaniac with a razor knife I see the stamp at the base of the neck. NPP. This is like a mint condition vintage Supergirl head. Where the hell did it come from?

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    It probably came from China?

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    Not the rarely discussed Mego factory of Saskatoon?

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    Pretty common knowledge that the Saskatoon "factory" never actually made anything... their stuff was all produced in Tuscaloosa and then shipped up there for distribution...
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    No Lonnie is probably right. It probably came from China. Most notably Hong Kong. Thanks for clarifying. On that note I should point out that my question was more along the lines of how exactly did I get a vintage Supergirl head? I have zero memory of buying one on purpose. Random parts lot Easter Egg?

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    It's the Mego Parts Fairy. Visited me many times; I have a bunch of pieces that I have no idea where they came from. Kind of the opposite of losing your socks in the dryer...

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    Even weirder...I haven't bought a parts lot in 10 years and I moved twice in that time frame. There is literally no reason I should have a Supergirl head....

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