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Thread: Duela Dent

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilbrosj66 View Post
    So while not a huge fan of the smaller female bodies, all in all this isn't a HORRIBLE figure. The costume looks great.

    Judging by the pictures, the head sculpt is one of the better ones however it looks too big for that body and it is way too far down on her neck. That and it looks nothing like the card art.

    Anyone have any other pics of the head? Closer and from different angles?

    I wonder who else it could become with new paint?
    first thing came to mind is Joan Crawford. and yeah she sure is a no necked little monster.
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    The large noggin looks like it was intended for the 8-inch body.

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    Similarly, the Robin head that was used on the teen body looks like a watermelon. But when placed on an 8-inch body, it looks superb. There must be some channel of communication that is missing at FTC.

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    I would have gotten hawk and dove but not on the teen body.

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    The teen body kills it for me. Still, not a bad looking figure. Just not for me.

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    Really liking this one. Looks very period appropriate, and even better, it's the first Joker's Daughter action figure ever made. Definitely going to pick this up soon. I'm way behind on this line, but this one is a priority. (Also gonna' grab an Egbert Pennyworth with my order to get another first time in plastic bat-character...)

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    I just have to have one of these too

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