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Thread: Mego 2018 Knights and Robin Hood?

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    Aug 14, 2004
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    Question Mego 2018 Knights and Robin Hood?

    I was just on Doc Megos site and realized that Mego did Knights of the Roundtable and Robin Hood.
    Didnít they?

    I will get them all. Iím going to have to schedule a day to play with all this stuff.

    But, if a new body is coming, I may wait for that release. Although that may mean Iíll miss the costumes... hmph!
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    Yeah they did, and Classic TV Toys reissued them a few (10?) years ago. In fact you can still buy the whole knight set from them

    The Robin Hood figures have been sold out for awhile, but you can still buy bits & pieces to restore original Megos. In fact I restored my childhood surviving Robin Hood, Little John & King Arthur (and Wild Bill Hickok, Cochise & Long John Silver) using parts from CTVT & Doc Mego several years ago.

    The CTVT bodies do suck, but with a quick restringing they are more than adequate. And the clothing & accessories will fit, unlike changing to a better body which can be a problem sometimes.

    But I'm confused-did you read somewhere that 'new' Mego is going to redo these figures?

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