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Thread: Teen Titans GO and DC Animated Movies Suggestions

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    Feb 10, 2009

    Teen Titans GO and DC Animated Movies Suggestions

    Sorta a carry over idea from Chris' comments in the Titans thread...

    Went to see Teen Titans Go last night and it's a good time. The story is satire on superhero qualifications mixed with the usual absurdity. There are some good comic book gags throughout. There's a whole deal with Challengers of The Unknown that works on a few levels.

    Contrast that with how I tried to watch Gotham by Gaslight with my tween and wow...what is Bruce Timm's problem? He's like the Hyde to Dini's Jekyll. Right when I saw his name pop up in the credits, I flashbacked to Batman and Harley and thought "oh crap".

    So, what DCU animated movies can I watch with my kids? I'm assuming Suicide Squad is nutso and anything Batman is a pass. Are the Jusitce League/Superman titles OK?

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    Mar 7, 2004
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    ^I haven't seen Batman/Harley, because of all the older fan backlash it got. I see it's on Amazon Prime, so I may finally watch it.

    I won't hold Gotham By Gaslight against him. It is about Jack the Ripper, after all. But yeah, Timm really NEEDS BS&P to keep his more base inclinations in check with the characters, I think. I love the man's work (heck, I do a podcast about it!), both FOR kids and NOT, but his name on a DC product evokes a certain family friendly vibe, at least for parents and older kids. Pre-teens at most. The Killing Joke was of course an adult story, but they somehow managed to make the whole thing ickier with that out of left field sex scene.


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