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Thread: Mego 7/29 Thoughts

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    Feb 10, 2009

    Mego 7/29 Thoughts

    1. I don't blame Mego for any Target issues and I don't think Target is negligent as to what's going on in regional stores.

    But...the website mishap is something Target needs to own. If Marty wants to bang on them for something, that's the issue. This constant "sold out" glitch is incomprehensible. If you check the box in the left corner that says "show sold out" everything pops up. If you take that literally, the site is stating Chekov didn't sell out, but Tootie did. Does anyone really believe that? Who buys a Sulu and says "screw Pavel"?

    2. Facebook is the anti-matter universe. I've been going over there as it provides a different look across the country, but the reaction is insane. I give props to Doc and Marty for jumping on top of the fire and stamping it out, but things never should have reached that level. Which leads me to...

    3. Mego is not NECA or Funko, yet we're treating it as such because the mythical number 10K has been stamped on cardboard. I get how limited editions can help drive sales, but it plays into the scalpers hands and I sympathize with the people who really have a hard time dealing with that sense of missing out.

    4. It's weird, because limited editions are the antithesis of what Mego was. I've always believed toys lines are limited due to pricepoint, not appeal. FTC had a wide birth to own this market, but rising sticker cost plus meh quality always kept them in neutral. Imagine if FTC was 15 from the start. I don't think they'd have anything WB left in stock.

    5. That's the real positive from today: Mego's price is going to move units. The Target exclusive period should let Mego phase out the weaker properties and streamline the product around what's selling for when they go broader.

    6. One last thing that hit me. We're getting three waves by Christmas, yet Target exclusivity is said to be a year. If that's a calendar year, how many waves are we looking at then? At current pace, we would equal 3-6 waves more in '19. That's anywhere from 45 to 90 more characters?!

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    Hedrap: from what I understand from Paul's comments via the YouTube video, etc., the Target exclusive license is not for a calendar year but just through the end of 2018, after which everything will "open up" per Paul's quote in the video. Agree completely with your point in item #2. People get really crazy (and hostile) on Facebook. Some of it seems to be the "instant gratification" crowd so prevalent with many today. I also agree with your point #5; the great price point of Megos will help move inventory. For instance, I've collected Megos since they first came out in the early 1970s, and when Figures Inc. got the DC license and started to produce figures and repro-Mego figures, I purchased a few (Lancelot Knight, Joker, Munsters Grandpa and Herman, Werewolf and Dracula Super Monsters), and while they look great, the quality seems to be inferior (cheap) compared to the original Mego lines, and especially now with new Megos in-hand, the new Megos are definitely better made.... Thanks for the great post!

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    The online figures sold out quick. The stores did not. Sulu is in demand to a crowd that doesn't give a rip about Chekov.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonnieFisher View Post
    The online figures sold out quick. The stores did not. Sulu is in demand to a crowd that doesn't give a rip about Chekov.
    Actually, quite interestingly, my son, who is 11, has never seen the original Star Trek series, and he wanted the Chekov over the Sulu figure.... They both appeal to me. Guess it is whatever you like.

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    Seems like some are coming back online for sale.
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    Feb 10, 2009
    Online never sold out. They stopped taking orders because the database and inventory were not in sync. That's why the ones that were available were shipped so quickly; they were the only units fully accounted for by distribution.

    When this happens to mid-size companies, they fall behind which turns into backorders. As buyers get turned off by the process, the inability to meet demand ends up damaging the business, if not killing it outright. Target should never be in that spot.

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