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Thread: A message from Marty Abrams

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott metzger View Post
    Not just a class act, but an amazing businessman. If there is an e-text out there on how to deal with something going wrong in your business, this should be in chapter one. He addresses his customers with respect and gratitude, acknowledges their concerns without judgement, takes some responsibility, doesn't point fingers at fans or business partners, talks about the problem calmly and honestly and tells us what's being done, and the whole thing comes off as very sincere. This is how you handle such a situation, pretty much point by point. There's a reason this man is still around to bring Mego back, and this video shows a big part of that reason.
    I couldn't have said it any better. My only surprise is that anyone else is surprised by Marty doing this. He's a pro.

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    I saw Marty's message to us, and I thought "This is a guy who respects his fanbase/customers, and they respect the hell out of him right back."

    Marty is the man.

    Look what happens when you aren't allowed to play with "dolls"...

    WANTED: partly-unsealed or bubble-damaged carded Romulan + unbroken plant trap from Mission to Gamma VI

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