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Thread: Emce Trek figures vs Mego 2018 (Target exclusives)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdhall View Post
    I can look before I put them up again. I can even take a group photo of them all.
    Chekov and Sulu have nothing however as I said unless I removed them.
    I only checked Khan otherwise.
    But my son’s stash has (almost) all.
    No Salt Vampire or Pike for example.

    I looked over them quickly just now and moved them to a different storage box and I see that I have a note with them all that says who had what accessories.

    tjacwave50 appears to be correct. My notes at the time say
    Phaser/Comm Belt: Klingon, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Chekov
    Tricorder: Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Uhura, Romulan (Red Tricorder)

    I can see one Romulan has a belt with a Red Comm in it...

    The note was apparently to inventory what was not with the figures. I have no note on where I put the accessories.... The accessories are not in the other 2 boxes with Emces (and Green Lantern, Sinestro and Luthor) and my original Enterprise set. I checked the box with my original Megos and they aren't there. I didn't carefully check my AC Controlled Storage though. I may have something in there still. Actually, I do have my 2 Enterprises, Diamond Select Phaser and Comm are in there, and I think my TMNT are in there somewhere so the Trek Accessories could be there too.

    I know you all were anxiously reading this hoping to find out what happened to my stuff... you're welcome!

    My apologies for the ramble, but as I did pick up a few of my Megos and one Scotty Emce, it was cool and I am sort of afraid to open and pick up a new Mego. I might never get back to work...!
    I know Doc Mego has those EMCE weapons belts and tricorders on his website sold separately, if you need or want them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjacwave50 View Post
    I know Doc Mego has those EMCE weapons belts and tricorders on his website sold separately, if you need or want them.
    Fortunately for is he does. That’s how we got here today I think.
    I’m right now dying of curiosity to find out where they are. I may go to my storage in a few minutes. I meant to go earlier.
    I’m not sure what to do with everything now.
    Thank you.
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