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Thread: One Dark Night (1982)

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    Aug 9, 2001
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    One Dark Night (1982)

    Was browsing through tubi horror movies trying to find something to watch.

    Came across One Dark Night Never heard of it before

    To my surprise I kinda liked it.

    Story was over the top and acting didn't help but it had GREAT special effects and had a few genuinely scary parts (without using cheap jump scares).

    Just wondering, why have I never heard of this movie before and why doesn't it ever come up in 80's horror talk ?
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    Jan 31, 2010
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    Plus, Adam West.

    It actually comes up quite a bit in '80s horror talk. I've caught mention of it numerous times on blogs and review sites that I visit. A lot of these smaller movies from the time get forgotten because of the gap between the glory days of VHS (when I first saw it) and the new glory days of streaming (when I saw it again). Companies like Scream Factory and Code Red, who released this one, are bringing these back in nice, newly remastered editions, so they pop back on the horror radar.

    It's not a particularly great film, but there's enough in there for most horror fans to find something they like.

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