not sure where to post this ,as ive messed about with them ,so if they should be moved to the customs section please do ,
just got this in and it surprisingly good for the outlay $20 plus postage to the uk ,fixed him up a bit with pants and a bit of weathering ,nothing major but i think it looks better ,your mileage may vary

id already had a go at steppenwolf after being disappointed in the trip to hasbrotown that hot toys took with thanos ,not a bit of fabric on him and moulded plastic through out:dunno:thud:

cut him in half added about 2 inches and covered it with masking tape painted with superglue to "plasticize "it then painted and covered with the kilt ,widened the head from within ,by dremeling it out and pushing a large piece of plastic tube in it to widen ,and refit the helmet

all in all not bad for what they cost and great to mess about with and at least now thanos has someone to hang out and talk villany with