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right some new figures with subpar heads or wonky bodies. I passed on more than a few...Bizarro, Kane, Space Ghost, the first Lex, Poison Ivy, etc due to just flat out poor workmanship on FTC's part. I have all of the 66 Batman figures that are not variants and a lot of others to go with him like Ra's, Scarecrow. I want to get Ivy to add to the 66 line but will have to cobble one together so I don't have to look at the Daisy Duke red head version.
I was very hopeful on Space Ghost and Gilligan's Island figs but was disappointed. Jan and Jace turned out great but Space Ghost figure was less than average to me. I'll make my own custom.
Gilligan's Island really needed a better sculpt for Gilligan and make all the castaways or why bother?.
I will give credit to FTC for bringing my 66 Batman 8 inch dreams to reality. They made some great 66 Batman figures for the most part. I would've like to have seen a better sculpt for Barbara Gordon. RC Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon. NOW, If we can get an accurate scale and detail Batmobile and a better Batcave. :::sigh::: The 66 Batcave is just too expensive for what you get.