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Thread: Looking to Trade for New Oz Cards (#96, #97, & #98)

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    Jun 9, 2007
    you have almost 150 extra cards!!! this forum was set up for members to swap... trade and give away cards so all members could complete their own sets.
    and not to be sold...its printed right on the cards... museum super collector?? more like a super hoarder... wont ever communicate with you again.
    im sure im not the only member that feels this way..

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    Jun 5, 2008
    near Akron
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    This forum description says "discuss and trade cards." Obibob's thread title and post requested a trade. His PM reiterated a desire to trade and was reasonable and polite.

    You posted in all caps and publicly posted a PM. You cursed at a member--over small pieces of cardstock. If you want to know how I feel as a member, Aquaman1966, I think you handled this poorly. It certainly didn't help you secure cards, even the hope of cards.

    A member once sent me a large lot of cards and I've always tried to pay it forward with trivia contests and free cards. I even left free cards at MegoMeet. But I'll tell you this: if you had treated me similarly, I'd have reacted in a similar manner as Obibob.
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    WANTED: Gray AJ Mustang horse; Dale Arden dagger; Grayson SI trousers; POTA Fortress signal-flasher--top portion; POTA Forbidden Zone prison doors; vintage Galahad box; minty Wolfman tights; Black Knight sword; Lion Rock (pale) Dracula & Mummy heads; Wayne Foundation blue furniture; Flash Gordon/Ming (10") unbroken holsters; CHiPs gloved arms; POTA T2 tan body; POTA knife-sword; CTVT/vintage Friar Tuck robes.

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Thanks Scott!

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    "Not to be sold" who said anything about selling cards? I don't sell MM cards, do you? Is that why you asked for so many in the first place? For someone who's not going to contact me again, you sure keep running your mouth.

    Just for the record, not that it's any of your business, but the main reason I have so many extra cards is that my life-long, boyhood friend (from Akron) died of cancer a few years ago and I ended up with his collection of cards. Happy now?

    Could one of the museum forum moderators please step in here? I would think that posting private messages would be enough to get someone off the forums - why do I still have to defend myself?
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    Jun 9, 2007
    Response to PNGwynne
    read and respect your view.
    your probably right.. not the best way to handle the matter..
    I too have had a members send cards without asking for anything in return which is the point was trying to make.
    moving forward thou I will continue to send my dupe cards (few that I have) out to members that ask to trade even if they don't have cards I need.

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    Feb 5, 2012
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    Ooo sounds like we got a little bit of " monster mashing" going on here

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    Feb 5, 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Obibob View Post
    I'm looking to trade for the new Oz cards #96 Glinda, #97 The Wizard, and #98 The Munchkins and have the following cards to trade (I do have multiples of some cards):

    Mego Museum Cards & Stickers:

    #2 Superman - 1st printing (2005 - slight damage to card back)
    #2 Superman - 2nd printing (2006)
    #7 Captain America
    #9 Batman
    #11 Catwoman
    #14 Green Arrow
    #16 Robin - 1st printing (2006)
    #16 robin - 2nd printing (2013)
    #21 Riddler - 2nd printing (2013)
    #22 Batgirl - 2nd printing (2013)
    #23 Supergirl
    #26 The Thing
    #29 Isis
    #31 Kid Flash
    #32 Wondergirl
    #33 Aqualad
    #39 Captain Kirk
    #40 Mr. Spock
    #41 Dr. McCoy
    #44 Klingon
    #45 Cheron
    #48 Neptunian
    #51 Talos
    #61 General Urko
    #66 Dracula (Red Hair)
    #67 Frankenstein (Blue Hair)
    #68 Dracula
    #69 Frankenstein
    #71 Wolfman
    #72 King Arthur
    #73 Black Knight
    #73 Black Knight - Error Card (#72 King Arthur on Back)
    #74 Sir Galahad
    #75 Ivanhoe
    #76 Sir Launcelot
    #77 Robin Hood
    #79 Will Scarlet
    #80 Friar Tuck
    #81 Blackbeard
    #82 Jean Lafitte
    #83 captain Patch
    #84 Long John Silver
    #89 Wyatt Earp
    #90 Wild Bill Hickok
    #92 Scarecrow
    #93 Tin Woodsman
    #94 Cowardly Lion
    #95 Wicked Witch
    #99 Zorro

    WGSH Checklist
    Star Trek Checklist
    Legendary Heroes & Monsters Checklist

    Aquaman Sticker
    Batmobile Sticker
    Batcopter Sticker
    Shadow The Super Horse Sticker

    Plaid Stallions Cards & Stickers:

    #01 Stretch Monster
    #03 Pulsar
    #04 Big Jim vs Zorak
    #08 Big Jim vs. Terron
    #09 Fembot
    #10 Green Machine
    #11 Godzilla
    #11 Godzilla - Error Card (Green Machine on Back)
    #13 The Lone Ranger
    #14 Sesame Street Finger Puppets
    #16 Mazinga
    #17 Bulletman
    #18 Adventure People
    #20 The Six Million Dollar Man
    #21 Cylon Centurian
    #23 ROM
    #24 Doctor Who
    #25 Nerf Man
    #26 Palitoy Space: 1999 Dolls
    #27 Pocket Super Heroes
    #29 Remco Universal Monsters
    #32 Stretch Armstrong
    #33 The Ghost of Captain Kidd
    #34 Raydeen
    #35 Jaws Gane
    #36 Godzilla vs, Tricephalon
    #37 Star Raiders
    #38 Venus Space Probe
    #39 The Martian Chronicles
    #40 The Whip
    #41 Hypnos

    Lincoln Mummy Sticker

    Azrak Hamway:

    #1 The Creature from the Black Lagoon
    #2 Frankenstein
    #3 Wolfman
    #4 The Mummy
    #5 Count Dracula
    #6 Action Apeman - 1st Edition
    #6 Action Apeman - 2nd Edition (Corrected Font Style)

    Lincoln Monsters:

    #1 Frankenstein
    #2 Mummy
    #3 Phantom of the Opera
    #4 Wolfman
    #5 Count Dracula
    #6 Hunchback of Notre Dame
    #7 Mr. Rock

    Tomland Monsters:

    #1 Frankenstein
    #2 Dracula
    #3 Mummy

    Foreign Megos:

    Lily Ledy Fist Fighting Tarzan
    BASA El Hombre Nuclear

    Mego Cipsa:

    FG1 Flash Gordan
    FG2 Flash Gordon
    FG4 Ming the Merciless
    FG5 Ming the Merciless
    FG6 Hans Zarkov
    FG7 Hans Zarkov
    FG8 Dale Arden
    Z1 Zorro
    Z2 Zorro
    TW1 Tex Willer
    TW2 Kit Willer
    TW3 Kit Carson
    TW4 Tiger Jack
    TWC Tex Willer checklist

    Mego Popy:

    MP4 Kamen Rider V1
    MP5 Kamen Rider V3
    MP6 Ultra Seven

    Miscellaneous Cards:

    Kenner Super Powers:

    SP1 Superman - The Man of Steel
    SP2 Green Lantern - The Emerald Gladiator

    Presidential Monsters: Lincolnstein

    Action Jackson #1 (2011)

    Cast-A-Way: The Phantom

    Joe Canuck:

    #1 Canadian Ranger 2004
    #2 Joe Canuck 2004
    #4 Black Ice 2006
    #5 Shiver 2007
    #7 Snowbank 2008
    #8 Snowbank 2008
    #10 Timbit 2008
    #13 Back-Stop 2008
    #14 Back-Stop 2009
    #17 Dead Eye 2009
    #19 The H.A.T.E. 2009
    #20 The H.A.T.E. 2009

    Major Maddox Sticker #1

    Please drop me a PM if you're interested in a trade - thanks for looking!
    Did you ever get those wizard cards?

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    Jun 9, 2007
    Not like the old days when we use to help each other out ....

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    Jun 25, 2009
    There isn't as much activity on here these days, but I've still had people help me out when they can.
    Last edited by generic; Oct 6, '18 at 9:34 PM.
    Nostalgia just ainít what it used to be.

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