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Thread: New Mego TARGET Reissue Questions / Marty

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmthor View Post
    What if Mego were to advertise on channels like METV especially during scifi saturday? And on Cozi?
    This is not a bad idea. FTC got some mileage out of actually having figures on the site's store and doing a Svengoolie figure. Might still be above the advertising budget to actually put an ad up, but if old Sven could have some of them lying around during the movies. might even be chances to cross-pollinate. Not sure if Me_TV shows Jeannie, but, if they did, Mego might be able to wangle a deal. Me-TV gives the Jeannie set a plug when they show the program, and Mego puts a blurb on all the Jeannie packages, "Watch Jeannie on Me-TV!"

    Advertising is going to be minimal, probably limited to the web and Target ads. A big pic in the weekly Target ad when they first come out would do some good. Other than that, I think Mego will be relying on what Hasbro and everyone else relies on for most of their advertising: the property itself. For things like Trek and Charmed, there's new shows connected to them. Older stuff will have to rely on nostalgia and the web to spread the word. Target posting through Facebook and such is part of why they have a presence there. As I've said, 15 bucks put's the line right at the borderline for some potential kids sales. but this is an adult collector's line, and that's the market they'll really need to tap.

    The final question is the conundrum for me. I'll definitely be getting a lot of the figures because, well, they're Megos. I'm not a huge Jeannie fan, but I have some fond feelings toward it and the set is very well done. Stuff like Cheers holds no interest for me as a property, and the body problems I mentioned in another thread will likely trim my potential purchases with such figures a good bit. 15 bucks for a usable body and head for custom fodder is a price I can pay with a smile, and I would easily get at least a full set of Cheers if I thought the heads were usable for something (I can think of a Kelsey Grammer Beast and Kirstie Alley Saavik right off). For me, a regular, human Mego head is pure custom gold, and the thought of brand new ones makes me giddy. But 15 bucks for a usable head and a body I likely can't do anything with is more problematic. Now, if charmed is indeed one of the properties and we get good, new heads for each of the Halliwells, that's going to be hard to pass on for multiple purchases. A brand new, usable Mego female headsculpt is something I hoped to be getting from FTC, but so far that has not happened, and the two sculpts I've seen close so far for Mego look terrific. But the EMCE female body has its own issues (truncated torso, male-like pins in the hips), and that means their use to me is limited beyond the initial figures themselves. Now, there are some duplicates that still have use; Trek figures can get a new head and add generic crew members as cannon fodder for evil aliens. If Mego gets PotA back, the same goes there; switching and repainting heads can give you a whole city of apes. So the value to me could be astronomical, but the reality right now is that the value is good, but sadly more limited than I had hoped, at least for now.
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    the price is MORE than reasonable.

    today's 4 to 6 inch plastic figures are $10 and up.

    8" cloth outfitted figures were $15 to $20 twenty years ago. that is ZERO for inflation.

    at that price, you will see kids get them as well as adults for figures that have current appeal (harley quinn).
    the current appeal is what will keep these an adult collector figure for many figures (Jeanie).

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    Now Ill buy one of each female to commission them on the Enterprise, but
    Quote Originally Posted by scott metzger View Post
    ...Kirstie Alley Saavik right off...
    Genius. Thanks!
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