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Thread: Altered A.J. head?

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    Question Altered A.J. head?

    Is this Spock head an altered Action Jackson sculpt? It looks like it to me. Maybe it's just the angle or something...

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    Mar 26, 2008
    Uhura has that dark eyed stare of one of those sunshine dolls.

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    Jan 20, 2011
    Boston, MA
    Not sure on Spock, could be just to hard to tell, although Grandpa Walton got the white hair and brown color mustache thing going.

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Spock looks like the Romulan Commander head sculpt to me

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    Jun 18, 2001
    Uhura is a dinamite doll pictured here

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    I think I read about this somewhere on here a few years ago. Can’t recall if it was on the forum or if it was an article.

    Whatever they are, Spock and Uhura both are not the final released versions. Uhura is almost certainly a Dinahmite figure. Spock... I’m not so sure. It is definitely not the Spock that was on the market and isn’t the Romulan sculpt either (good guess though, I actually had to check lol).

    Given that Uhura was introduced later on in the Star Trek wave, my guess is this:
    -They needed the products for the photo, but Uhura was only on the drawing board at the time. So Dinahmite was repainted and used as a stand in.
    -Kirk, McCoy and Scotty all appear to be the final sculpts we know of.
    -The Spock pictured here, although the sculpt is different, appears to be a completed finalized figure market paint and all (what I mean is there are no signs of hand painting- as we see on Uhura- and no signs of crude sculpting that are often seen on rough prototypes).
    -Spock, being arguably the expected most popular character for the upcoming line, may have been sculpted to completion and then changed at the last to a sculpt that more closely resembled Leonard Nimoy.

    While this doesn’t exactly answer Lonnie’s question, I’m guessing that maybe the “original Spock sculpt” (assuming the above is right) may have been a retooled sculpt of AJ. The resemblance is definitely there, especially in the mouth and lower jaw area.
    Looking for:

    --Lion Rock "Mr Rock's" shoes/ boots (these may also be the same as the lion rock monster line boots)

    --Mystery Astronaught

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    Also of note: Kirk and Scotty are missing their emblems and Uhura has one that appears to be quite hastily cut out of a piece of paper. Weird.
    Looking for:

    --Lion Rock "Mr Rock's" shoes/ boots (these may also be the same as the lion rock monster line boots)

    --Mystery Astronaught

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