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Thread: Classic MEGO Figures Return Via Target Stores

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
    I'm all for us geeks getting our panties in a bunch every once in a while, but this is getting out of hand. Time to pick a scapegoat and move on. Let's go with..umm...Mikey. Yeah, Mikey. Mods you know what to do.
    I for one, do not wear panties. Just sayin
    "May fortune favor the foolish"

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    Okay, folks need to step back and breath. I saw the same stuff on the same site a few weeks ago, and alerted some of the folks in the know. There was no panic in the streets on their part; it's just something that happens in modern retail. The SDCC announcements came, and none of this was revealed; I figured it would get out anyway, and the site's real use, to see if things are in stock, didn't seem to be working for Mego very well, so I figured there was no real reason to post about it. Point is, that was simply my own, personal choice; I didn't have people involved in Mego begging me not to reveal the info, and they didn't offhand say for certain if it was all accurate. And if they didn't seem that concerned about it, I don't know why others seem to be. Someone ran across it as I expected and revealed it; it was going to happen because a lot of collectors use that site on the hunt. It's not a catastrophe, or a betrayal. Revealing something that is out there for the public to see, not hidden in any way, is not something to rake folks over the coals for.

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