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Thread: Youtube shows you enjoy

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    The other thing I'm kind of into, even though the production quality is often not great, is Martial Arts Frauds.

    Guys like George Dillman, Frank Dux and Ashida Kim seem to be hawking complete BS. A lot claim to be ninjas and others actually say they have powers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by great_chandel View Post
    I absolutely LOVE "Cobra Kai" on U-Tube Red! I never thought, in a million years, the "Karate Kid" saga, over 30 years later, would be this great! The writing, acting, storylines -- all top-notch! What a great show! The only drawback is that Pat Morita is not alive to be a part of it.
    SO glad I joined for a MONTH and then dropped the membership as the rest of the shows on their looked like crap!

    But, yes the show is brilliant and I loved the ending of episode 10!! I AM JACKED for series two to come out, and I cant wait! Well, I guess I have to wait!! HAHA!! Best moment, Daniel and Johnny going back to Daniels old apartment building, (Wasn't it being demolished in the third film???? ) and then going to the bar and bonding. I hope ALI, and more old faces return!!

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