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Thread: DC 100 Page Giants return at Walmart

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    Interesting stuff.

    If you were Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc. and were seeing distribution numbers on the low end what things might you try to build the fan base and get more people reading physical comics?

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    Once Hastings shut down I lost the closet thing to a comic book store near me. Over the years I have gotten picky in my collection. Where I used to pick up many book by title alone now I have to see is it worth the money so I like to look inside the issue before I buy. So I was happy about Wal-Mart getting comic books but when I started reading them I just stopped. I will get Swamp Thing & Teen Titans (I have a large collection of TT so why break the system). The rest I read at the store.
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    ...and my WalMart finally started carrying these. Great.


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    DC is revamping these giant size $5 books, making them available both in the mass market and in the direct market, starting in September. Announced at SDCC, there will be a number of new titles added and all will start at #1, and all will have more new material plus classic reprints...

    I think I am most excited for the Ghosts and Scooby Doo books.


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