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Thread: DC 100 Page Giants return at Walmart

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    They had tons of them at my local Walmart.

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    they were out of Titans, guess that is the scalper's dream there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderbolt View Post
    funny that most of the toys and clip art on products are now based on Bronze age classic interpretations. The comics I looked at were muddy art wise with no excitement.
    For DC yes, for Marvel it is mostly the cinematic versions, and I suspect it would be for DC too if the movies had been better received. The current DC style guide though is based on the looks circa 2005, though more and more the trunkless Batman look from circa 2012 is coming into it. Justice League images include Cyborg now for licensing, etc. They are moving away from the look, and more and more the look for products aimed at kids are taking on the style of the animated series not the comics.

    Toys and stuff aimed at the collector's market still gravitate a bit towards Bronze Age, but mass market products are moving past that towards the newer looks and will continue to do so. I don't remember stuff when we were kids hearkening to the Golden Age looks, and there have been more years between the Bronze Age and now than there were between the Golden Age and when I was a kid in the 70s, so I don't see the style guide remaining 30-40 years out of date if they want to appeal to a younger demographic to become future customers to replace those of us aging out and making our final exits.


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    I have picked up all 4 of the issues and yes the Teen Titans were the first to go, it might not be flippers but actual readers who picked them up.
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    My local Walmart never did get these in and that surprised me because I have seen DC Rebirth 3-packs there in the fairly recent past.

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