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Thread: Compatible heads

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    Compatible heads

    As someone whose head sculpting talents are virtually non-existent (previous attempts resulted in something that one would expect to shout, "The only good human is a dead human!"), I'm interested in Mego sized existing heads. Now, I've found things that do work, sometimes with a little alteration, like Mattel's Real Men or Primetime's Heroes of the Ice, along with the obvious Mego cousins like LJN or Annie's Daddy Warbucks. But I'm seeing folks getting heads from some other clever sources here. Any suggestions where to find some different Mego sized heads off the beaten path?

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    I've had luck with PEZ, Marvel Kliks, plush characters with vinyl heads, Marvel Projectors figures, and a handful of the Marvel ToyBiz 10" figures had heads that would work. That's off the top of my head:-)

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    Pez heads work great for helmeted characters like clone troopers and Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the like. and toy Biz Famous Covers heads are just the righ ize for Mego 8" as well. I've even used a dremmell to hollow out a Pez Clone Trooper Helmet and Jango Fett Helmet and make them fit on some of the smaller CTVT heads, but it was a pain in the but and the plastic gets hot and gooey while you are doing it.

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