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Thread: Childhood friends that didn't play with action figures..

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    Brian, I didn't think of that.

    When inside we did play with action figures and did other things like play hide and seek. But, we could go outside the majority of the time and I suppose parents preferred that. Anyhow, it was often a compromise as to what we decided to do indoors or out.

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    None of my friends had action figures when I was growing up, but one friend did always come play with my figures with me. Other than that the other kids were just not into them. I have more friends now at my age that like and buy toys than I ever knew as a kid.

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    I also had no friends who played with action figures.

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    Well, considering I'm a girl...

    It was all about dolls, but most of the boys I knew in my neighborhood had some Megos, or little plastic soldiers. Since I grew up in NYC, (just outside of Harlem), Megos were more affordable than GIJoes. My boy cousins in CA had GIJoe, Lone Ranger and SMDM. Me and the youngest had Steve and Jaime adventures. From what I know about listening to all the boys talk after the all got their Christmas gifts, the top toys to get back then were some type of action figure, race car set and a basketball.
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